As a young company, we stress the importance of supporting other small businesses and young businesspeople in our community and around our beautiful country. This page contains every official VSTRO Brand Affiliate and some information about their businesses. 


On Apple Music & Spotify! 

A new age independent hip hop artist. Set with a unique style and a determination to travel to spread his message, you're sure to hear about his next stop in your city. On Apple Music & Spotify! Download his latest hit album "Lit Thirty".


Joey Harward Photography

A young, talented & passionate photographer. Joey has a neck for telling a story through every picture he takes. Watch with us as he climbs the mountain of his potential by following his IG portfolio at @humblehungryjoey.

Gordo the Barber

The freshest skin fades in SLC! Catch an appointment with our boy Diego at Skullcutters Barber Shop for your next cut up! With years of experience up his sleeves, Gordo has big plans for his future as a barber!


T.N.O: Trust No One Entertainment (Portland)

Founded and run by our brother Dre, T.N.O. sets the standard for new age entertainment in Portland. Fresh off of their collaboration tour with Pabst Blue Ribbon, we can't wait to see what the T.N.O. team has in store next!


Austin Nickerson

A true GTR enthusiast, Austin has put extensive time and effort into creating one of the most original and recognizable whips in SLC. A Scrapefest regular, be sure to catch him showing off at the next Scrape!