Does Music Affect the Streetwear Industry?

Does Music Affect the Streetwear Industry?

In today's world, music is more accessible than ever before. In a world full of streaming, we have access to any song from our favorite artists at the touch of a button. 

Thus, the question is posed: "Does music affect the streetwear industry?"

In my humble opinion, popular music has always played a huge role in the way designers create the latest streetwear trends. The influence can be felt in every garment. Today's streetwear trends are heavily influenced by the hottest current hip hop artists such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Jay Z, 50 Cent & some of today's more radical artists like Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Lil Uzi Vert & more. Dating back to hip hop's earliest days, marketing and advertising has seen the faces of the most prevalent artists on scene.

Since the 90's, we have seen the debut of some of today's most gripping streetwear brands. The influence has spread to every corner of the earth, giving birth to streetwear giants. From New York to Japan. Supreme to Bape. 

Now, the hottest names in the hip hop industry can be seen sporting the latest releases from the most popular street brands around the world. Unique, high-quality boutique style brand can be seen popping up everywhere. Given flight by our current level of social media, the streetwear industry is booming like it never has before. 

A long answer to a short question. 

Music is and always will follow the path of popular music. What trends will we see next?

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